Solar Mini-Grid


Solar-powered mini-grids are economically viable options for providing electricity in rural areas. As stand-alone systems, solar mini-grids can offer the ideal platform for integrated development solutions. They can also complement a range of humanitarian interventions.

Solargen has built capacity and experience in designing and deploying community solar mini-grids in the last 4 years. We have deployed 8 solar mini-grid in the Eastern African region: 5 in Kenya and 3 in Somalia. They range between 3kW and 100kW in size and provide power to about 1600 households in conflict and underserved parts of the region.

We provide development, EPC and O&M services that you can trust. We will work with you throughout the journey and you can count on our experience and knowledge of the region to help you with the execution and the sustainability of the project.

Mini-Grid Projects