Solargen CSR

Our corporate social responsibility


Apart from CSR activities in its core areas of business, Solargen has placed its focus on education. We believe education holds the key to transforming and changing the fortunes of a society. This believe is reinforced by the fact that some members of the Solargen board, management and staff have been beneficiaries of educational sponsorships in the past. They understand too well its importance in community development.

Solargen currently sponsors the education of 10 students in various institutions:

Two needy bright boys at the Starehe Boys Center

Starehe is a charitable institution that provides care and education for more than 700 boys who are in need. For more than 60 years, Starehe has constantly produced top scholars across Kenya and the world at large through the kind sponsorship of well-wishers across the globe.

Five orphans at the Garissa Muslim Children’s Home

Garissa Muslim Children’s home is an orphanage that caters for the welfare and education of orphaned boys from all corners of Kenya. The center has seen more than 2,000 students graduate from it and find a dignified place in society. All this has been possible through the generous sponsorships of well wishers.

Three students at the County High School under the care of North Eastern Youth for Development (NEYD)

Founded in 1997 as a CBO and registered as an NGO in 2012, NEYD is a non-profit initiative of local professionals paying back to the society. One of its core activities is to identify bright and needy students and connect them to companies and individual well-wishers to pay for their school fees.