Off-grid Olpejeta Conservancy

Olpejeta conservancy

Parc Off-grid

In 2023, we implemented a solar off grid system in Ol pejeta conservancy, Nanyuki Kenya.

Ol Pejeta is a conservancy in Nanyuki, Kenya. The conservancy caters for endangered animals as well as other wild animals. 

They face a huge challenge due to poaching. Parc and GivePower partnered and contracted Solargen to provide solar power to power communication and

surveillance in 3 sites along the fence of the conservancy. 

This is expected to act as deterrent to poachers who sneak into the conservancy. 

The system comprises of 3 different units 

            Project Size:

Site 1 – Kamok, 64.7 KWp with 260 KWh storage

Site 2 – Control, 39.8 KWp with 120 KWh storage

Site 3 – Morani, 23.2 KWp with 60KWh storage 

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