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SolarGen-200L Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater


Highly efficient direct high pressure solar water heater that keeps water hot for more than 12 hours.

This solar water heater is suitable for home and commercial use (hotels, schools, apartments)

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Highly efficient 200L direct high pressure (6bar working pressure) solar water heater system

  • Made of stainless steel inner and outer tank with a dense Pu Foam insulation enabling it to maintain the temperature of  hot water for more than 12 hours.
  •  The system works with Borosilicate glass vacuum tubes made of Red Copper heat pipes.
  • The mounting brackets are made of Aluminium alloy/Galvanized steel bracket


Additional information

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 1845 × 1230 × 1410 mm

Heat pipe


200 Litres(L)


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