Lorentz PSK2-15 Controller 11kVA-D


Premium quality solar controller designed for PUK2-15 series of submersible and surface pumps. The controller can be used on hybrid systems (Solar/Grid/Genset) with the Lorentz SmartSolution and enables active temperature management.

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  • Has multiple analogue inputs for water meter, pressure sensors, level sensors and digital switches.
  • Enables simple integration with Lorentz PumpScanner,
  • Onboard datalogging and remote monitoring using PS communicators.
  • The high effective inbuilt maximum power point trackers guarantees unmatched performance, efficiency and economy.
  • The inbuilt sunsensor ensure optimal on/off operations, applications for constant pressure and water flow.


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 450 × 320 × 124 mm